Deuteronomy 16:15

Deuteronomy 16:15
For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Favorite iPad/iPhone Apps

I have had my iPad 2 for about six months now and couldn’t love it more! Shortly after I got my iPad, I got the iPhone 4S, and I adore it too. Many friends and family members have recently gotten iPads and iPhones , and I am often asked what some of our favorite apps are. Here I have compiled a list of our favorite apps, and some links to other reputable sites that list their favorite apps. 

Toddler Apps:

Nathan is 20 months old right now and loves my iPad/iPhone too. He uses it under close supervision but enjoys it none the less! 

I Hear Ewe (free) – This is simple and brilliant. There are a large variety of animals and vehicles that you can touch. Once they are touched they grow bigger and then say their sounds. For example the dog barks, cow moos, ect. Nathan LOVES this and he now knows all his animal sounds!

Color Dots (free) – One by one bubbles appear on the screen and you try to pop them. As you pop them, more appear. Nathan thinks this is hilarious! It is great for killing a few minutes waiting in line, ect.

Preschool Adventure ($1.99) – A great deal for the 18 games that are included! It is a fun way to practice colors, shapes, and introduce numbers and letters.

I Like Books (.99) – A collection of 30 simple books that have real photographs of children. Nathan loves the pictures of all the kids. The simple topics of “I Like Animals”, “I Like Daddy”, “I like Shapes”, ect. are just perfect for him. The stories will read to your child, you can read to them, or you can even record your own voice reading to them and save it!

Tozzle ($1.99) – This is an animated puzzle app and both kids really enjoy it. There is a lite version you can test that is free but the kids liked it so much we bought the full version. 

Preschool Apps:

Naomi is 4 and BEGS to play on the iPad. I have been amazed at all she has learned from it! 

Toca Boca (around$ 1.99) – Toca Boca is the name of the company and all of their games are just so much fun! Toca Hair Salon and Toca Doctor are favorites but we like them all.

MyPlayHome ($2.99) – This app is a virtual dollhouse and is so cool! You can move the four family members around the house, feed them, give them a shower, play in the yard, and put the kids to bed. A dollhouse without the mess – perfect!

 Brightstart PreK Letters and Numbers ($1.99) – A fun app for learning to write all your letters and numbers!

Cookie Doodle ($0.99) – Measure ingredients, pour, mix, bake, and then decorate your finished cookie. It’s fun to practice measurement, and any budding baker will love it!

Teach Me Kindergarten ($0.99) – This is more skill focused than game, but Naomi still likes it. She learned how to add and subtract using this app!

Monkey Lunchbox and Monkey Math ($0.99) – Both are a fun way to practice a variety of early PreK skills.

DotToDot Numbers and Letters ($1.99) – This is like traditional dot to dot pages only the picture comes to life when you finish it. This has been a fun way to practice number and alphabetical order. There is a lite version you can try for free too.

Doodle Buddy (Free) – A nice drawing app.

Disney Princess Dress-up Sticker Book ($3.99) – This app can be a little flaky but Naomi LOVES it. You can dress up all the Disney princesses in a variety of clothes, just like you would a paper doll.

Songify (Free) – Speak into this app and whatever you say plays back as a song!

Check out the following links for more app ideas!


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